Thursday, March 03, 2016


The weather has been absolutely INSANE! Rain,sun,hail,rain,sun. Misty rain and down pouring rain. Muther nature is MESSED up! Not liking the weather being so different 15 minutes to the next 15 minutes. OK. I'm done bitching now. :-)
Same stuff happening here at mom's house. At our rig we've been doing some cleaning and maintenance. Its kind of hard to keep up with the window sills weeping because it keeps raining all the time. Gotta keep them dry as I can so mold doesn't creep in. This time last year we were at the NASCAR track in Las Vegas. Sure missing the warmer weather.

We met up with Dan's daughter Audrey in Silverdale.
 The daffodils are starting to bloom. They must think Spring is coming soon.
 I forgot what this is called.
Dan and Bella out in the rain.

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