Wednesday, May 25, 2016


After a couple of months of planning, I got to take the Amtrak to Bellingham from Seattle. I regret that I missed a BBQ for Dan's family, but at least he got to attend in between all his mom duties.

A view from the train as I traveled north
My sister Peggy and I. She was having an American wedding reception for Annalisa and her new hubby Adam. They had gotten married in Iceland back in April where Adam is from.
Me and the new bride, my niece Annalisa
Adam's parents came from Iceland for the reception. Jan and Inga and Adam and Annalisa
My cousin Nikki
Mom and daughter with Viking swords
Who is gonna win?

Peggy and Dennis' house where I stayed. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the boonies near Ferndale, WA
Adam and Annalisa out walking on the dike and several more dike pictures. It was a nice day.

These are some pictures from the BBQ that I missed. Dan's grands, Tiffany, Amelia, and Nicholas

Dan with Amelia, his mom Mary holding newest grand Elowyn, and son Andrew
Newest grand Elowyn with her great-great grandma
Amelia, Dan and Elowyn
Amelia, Dan holding Elowyn, and Dan's mom Mary
Amelia with Mary and Elowyn
Amelia, Mary holding Elowyn, Tia their mom, and Andrew
Andrew and Elowyn
Amelia, Dan, and Elowyn all covered up

Bella is stalking the mice that live in the bush.....
Found this mushroom back in Mom's orchard when playing with Bella. Not sure if its a Shaggy Parasol or scaly cap mushroom. Its pretty big.

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