Friday, June 17, 2016


Not a whole lot happening here. Everyday life I suppose. Dan has been doing stuff for his mom so he is gone for several days at a time. I'm just staying home with Bella and doing my normal thing. We had a couple of days that were in the low 90's. That was different. Now we're back to normal Western Washington weather. When the weather was nice and hot, the blueberries loved that. Dan was able to pick us each a small hand full to eat. I think we're gonna have a lot of blueberries if we can keep the Robins off the bushes.......Dan and I went to the Seattle VA a couple of days ago so he could get his yearly shots in his lower back. This will help him for awhile if he doesn't over do it. I don't like going to that place........Seeing as we will be staying in Bremerton longer, I bought two cherry tomato plants and one cabbage. Gonna plant them and see what happens. Maybe I'll just buy something else to plant. I like seeing the plants produce but hate weeding so I won't do too much.

My niece Jennifer striking a pose in one of our Grandma Alma's hats. I remember her wearing this hat. Finding all kinds of neat stuff in Mom's basement when cleaning and getting rid of stuff.
 Dan and I and Christine went to a small birthday party for Michaela, the girl on the far right. This is my son Jason with his Jenny and of her kids. Taylor, Ariel, Autumn, Jason, Jenny, and Michaela.
This pictures cracks me up. Bella jumps the fence into the neighbor's back yard. Dan hung blackberry vines on the fence so now she thinks twice about going over. It gives us just enough time to tell her "NO Bella".
 Having a problem with rats and mice. Dan has his pellet gun out. One year it was spiders. One year it was flies. Not liking this is the "year of the rodents". Dan put out one black box rat trap thingy but I don't believe it will work. Bella hasn't caught a rat and I hope she doesn't. They are nasty. She does catch mice but seeing as shes "catch/play/release", it doesn't help the problem.
This little guy came looking for a peanut. We only throw a peanut when a squirrel spots us and comes looking as the rodents eat them too.

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