Saturday, November 05, 2016


It sure has been raining here. And raining. And raining. And raining. Good thing Dan got the shed all painted before all the rain came. He actually did some painting when it was sprinkling out. The shed is looking pretty good. And, did I say its raining? Gotta wear my boots outside with Bella now. The ground is so mushy. We'll be doing a lot of "sitting under the umbrella". She likes that just because shes outside. The pictures below were all taken in between rain drops. :-)

This little guy came to the picnic bench and decided to eat his peanut right in front of me. Mouth is closed and hes watching me.
OK. Shes not gonna bother me. Open mouth and eat.
One of Dan's hibiscus had 9 blooms on it, all open at the same time. Very cool.
We have a black squirrel in the orchard now. It won't come near us yet. I'll have to read about him on the Internet. We believe its the adult squirrel of the little dark brown/black baby we seen a few months ago.

Look how dark he is compared to the grey squirrel.
Then we had this baby squirrel show up in the apple tree under which we sit when outside with Bella. He was tiny and really wanted to come down the tree. Bella was at the base of the tree stalking the birds on the feeder and the hanging suet so the little guy wasn't gonna be coming down anytime too soon. The grey squirrels are used to seeing Bella and they will just go around her or run right by her. She mostly ignores them except when shes bored. Then she'll chase them sometimes.

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