Friday, October 21, 2016


Not much happening around here. Everyday life. Walk Bella, dump grey/black water, clean, do this and do that. Dan has been slowly painting our shed. Kind of hard to get that done because of all the rain. We were suppose to have a HUGE storm this past weekend but lots of rain and very little wind. We were prepared, of course. I lowered the satellite dish on top of our rig just in case one of the 70mph wind gusts hit us. LOL. Dan's weather station only recorded winds in the 20's. The Seattle weather people sure were wrong about this storm. Glad it didn't hit us but I've never seen them all be so far off in a forecast.........I think that our 5th wheel is growing roots we've been here for so long. But, Dan still has mom duties................

Dan made Bella a couple of ramps so she would have some play space. She likes them and uses them to get up to the rafters that he built.

The squirrels sure are hungry all the time. The adults are so used to seeing us outside with Bella that they follow us and wait for a peanut. Sometimes I'll leave the bag that the peanuts are in on the bench. Then they help themselves. We do have some youngsters running around now looking for peanuts. They haven't realized that Dan and I will give some peanuts to them. Soon they will watch for us to be outside too, just like the adults do. I was in Costco buying the peanuts about a week ago and was going through the checkout line when the person helping the checkout guy said that I was feeding the tree rats. I've had people say that before but not out in public where bunches of people could hear. He made me feel awkward and I didn't like that. Then he tells me that its against the law to feed the tree rats in the city limits. OK fine. I'll look that up. I did and its not. If they were pests we wouldn't offer them peanuts. I won't go through any checkout line where I see him.

Dan's hibiscus with 3 full blooms
Airing out the awning and washing it.
Dan with his hibiscus that now has 4 full blooms

We were both excited to see it with 5 full blooms. The plants are now back inside our rig as its getting too cold outside for them.
My youngest son Jason came by to "kill some time" and hang with me and Dan. His lady Jenny was at school in class, Olympic College here in Bremerton. He is so funny. He was cracking up about making a bad face at me with the grapes he was eating. Not showing that pictures. LOL LOL LOL
And back to eating more green grapes.........
Here is Dan painting the new shed before he takes off to the VA for some appointments and then to Auburn, WA for his "mom duties". Seems like doctor and mom things are never ending lately. Its getting colder and wet here so hes gotta get the shed painted soon. I might have to give in and help him, but I really hate painting and he seems to be having a good time doing it.


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Well have you made plans to hit the road yet? Whether you do or not I'm sure you'll keep it interesting.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Happy Prospector said...

I hate to say this but down here in Quartzsite it's gonna be another 90 degree day, sunny, mild breeze, oops gotta go, it's time for my ATV ride with Bob Dawg.

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

We wanna go out on our quad! Really miss Quartzsite.