Thursday, June 08, 2017


Its raining today. Blaaaa.........Its been so nice out for the last couple of weeks or so and we sure did enjoy it. Dan was busy washing the 5th wheel and pressure washed/washed/waxed the truck and my car. He also had enough good weather so he could get on top of our rig to put new sealer around our fantastic fans. We did have blue tarps over two of the fans all winter to keep the rain and snow out. So glad the tarps are off now. Our rig looks pretty good now. Dan sure did love his heating pad after all that work! Also during the nice weather, we had a "going away" BBQ for my niece Jennifer and her family. They are moving back to Illinois. It was really strange to see lots of little kids playing in the orchard. I took all the little kids on a quad ride around the property. They sure did like that and it was nice for me to be back on the quad. I miss riding it in the desert......We also went to a small graduation get together at one of the local bowling alleys. It was for Jason's stepdaughter, Taylor. It was bowling with rock n roll. I loved the music and had fun watching everyone bowl.

This is what happens to Bella when shes been out playing in the sun. Nap time.
Dan is hard at work cleaning our home.

Our little pal, Bob, likes cherries and grapes. Bob is actually a girl but we didn't really notice until later. She is still Bob to us. We also have a Bobbie which turned out to be a boy. LOL LOL LOL
Bob is very friendly and not afraid of us or Bella.
I hung my plastic bag with "special nuts" on the chair. Special nuts are walnuts, filberts, and pecans. Nuts that the squirrels don't get all the time. Well, Bob seen the nuts in the bag and discovered how she was gonna get some. Bella was sitting there watching her and I was sitting in a chair close by taking pictures.
Hmmmmmm. Trying to figure out how shes gonna get in there.

LOL. She found the opening.
And, down she goes. Lots of treasures to choose from.
Yum. She found a tasty pecan.
Jason being silly at the bowling alley.
Here is Dan and Bella on our last sunny day before the rain came. Dan is doing some clipping and Bella is just chillin'.

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