Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Its been a very long time since I wrote. We are in quite a long dry spell here in Bremerton. Everything is dry and brown. Because of all the awful fires up north in British Columbia, we seem to be in a smokey haze. Thank goodness it doesn't bother me or Dan, but the air quality sure is bothering people with asthma and things like that. I hope the firefighters can get all the fires out soon. I guess my blog entry this time will just be pictures of life.

I went to a baby shower and had a good time. This is my great nephew Gabe. He lives in Montana.

Dan took the bike out of our storage shed and was making it pretty. We sold it to his daughter but it still lives with us. He couldn't resist taking it for a spin. The bike has straight pipes, so I could hear everywhere he went as he stayed within about 6 or 7 blocks from our 5th wheel. When the bike traveled with us I used to warn the neighbors in the RV parks we were staying at that he was gonna fire up the bike. I didn't want anyone to choke on their toast or wet their pants. lol lol....Mostly I said something to them because most of them had yippy dogs and didn't wanna scare them and set them all to barking and barking and yipping and barking. lol lol.........OK. I warned them out of common courtesy. I was being polite. :-)

Here is Bella doing her "Bella thing". Patiently stalking birds or mice.
Some of the Hollyhocks in the yard, aka, the Christine plant after my sister. She brought the plant home when she was very young and it blooms every year.

My tiny crowded garden. I should have spread the plants out but I didn't. I was lazy.

It has been rather hot here during our dry spell and sometimes the heat has gotten to Bella. Our normally VERY active cat has been taking small cat naps during her outdoor time.

Tucker doesn't much like the heat either with all his fur, but he is pretty laid back and has no problem chillin' all the time.
The neighborhood had a fire. Second time for this place. Arson. This place is located on the other side of the apartments that are next to the house. I hate fire.
Just a silly picture. My oldest son Michael gave me a Mother's Day gift in May. This balloon is still has some helium, so its just been hanging around for awhile. I'll let it float as long as it wants. LOL LOL

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