Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hello from the road, traveling up I-5.........Since I wrote last we had been having the greatest time with Kittie and Bruce. Good meals, good conversation, watching movies (some good/some bad), playing on the beach, and riding the quads. Yup! We FINALLY got out on the quads and actually had two good days to go out and play. On Friday 4/25, Dan and Bruce took a short ride on the Harleys. Kittie and I didn't go. It was a "guy thing". Thats the first time in a long time that Dan has taken the bike out....... After they came back we all took a ride on the beach in Bruce's truck. Went looking for shells, rocks, and petrified fossels. It was nice but it got cold, for me, real fast.....On Saturday 4/26 Bruce and Kittie came to our place to load our quad on the trailer with their quad and we all headed out to ride in the dunes north of North Bend, Oregon. That was fun. We rode out on the beach and back from the beach on the sand dunes. We both missed not riding on the quad. We've both love doing this alot!....... On Sunday we went back out on the quads again. This time in the woods. Rode around on the gravel roads. The trails that are suppose to be ATV trails look more like dirt bike trails. Our quad was a little too wide for most of the trails that we seen. We did try going on one but it was pretty narrow. So the gravel roads were ok to go exploring..... Monday was "get road ready" day and Kittie and Bruce came for dinner. We said our "so longs" and "see ya soons". Never say "goodbye". We'll see them in July when they come up to Washington. Me/Dan, Bruce/Kittie, Dennis/Sandy are all gonna go see the Red Elvises in Bellingham, WA. THE RED ELVISES!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR FAVORITE BAND!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember to click on the link at the right for them and check them out..........We are at the back corner of a truck stop in Halsey, Oregon spending the night. We might get home tomorrow, but might not. We really don't wanna hit rush hour in Tacoma, WA so we just might spend another night on the road to avoid all the traffic.

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Kayt said...

Hi, I enjoyed your post and pics. Glad to hear you're Red Elvises fans. I'm the Editor of their online fanzine, the Red Pages... maybe you've heard of it? I was wondering if you guys might like to be featured in the "Fan(s) of the Month" interview feature of the fanzine sometime? If you're interested, email me at kayt110 @ (leaving out the spaces on either side of the "@" of course). I'm always looking for enthusiastic fans on whom to bestow the honor.

Best Wishes,
Red Elvises' Assistant