Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good morning! Its the day after my birthday and my mom's birthday and my niece Gina's birthday. WOOHOO! On the same day. Multiples. I didn't take any birthday pictures. Me and Mom still look the same as yesterday. hahaha......Dan and I got up early and caught the ferry boat to Seattle. He had an appointment at the VA. That was quick because we were right back down to the ferry dock and headed back. One quick trip. Mom and I both got the regular "Happy Birthday" phone calls and then just settled down into another regular day until dinner time. Dan took us all to the Outback Steakhouse. He had some gift cards to use. WOOHOO for gift cards. Free is always good! My dinner was good but everyone else was not happy with theirs. I guess thats the way it goes. The Outback here at home never was that good anyway. They DID give us a free ice cream treat for our birthdays though. Dan ate mine. Jason came over after we got home from dinner. He gave me a digital picture frame. It was him, my sister Christine, and my Mom. I'll sure make good use of that! Jason says, "she likes anything to do with her camera" or close to the same words. Hes right! I love taking pictures and I'm sure I'll be putting pictures in the new frame soon..............The day before Christine was on the quad taking Caleb and Eli for rides around the yard. Eli is the son of Dr. Mona who did the "house call" at our rig for Dan's ankle. I told Caleb that I would put a picture of him on the blog with the nifty truck he made by himself. Made out of wood and he did a very good job. Way to go Caleb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, Dan's ankle is much better. He still babies it but he doesn't have to put ice on it anymore.


Donna said...

Happy belated Birthday Patty!!!!hughugs

Kutitap said...

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