Thursday, August 21, 2008

We've been busy for the last several days downsizing our storage unit from 10x20 to 10x10. That was alot of work and we're suppose to be retired! Ha! Everything is neatly stacked into this smaller area with a cheaper price. Works for us! Aside from having some computer problems and trying to solve them, we've been to Seattle to Dan's VA appointments and attended his grand Nicholas' birthday get together. Getting up early making long days with "waiting in ferry boat lines". Going to the VA is always a chore and we're always glad to get back home. Thank goodness we didn't have a wait to get on the ferry after the appointments. We did have a 2 ferry boat wait getting home from Audrey's house and the birthday party. I put a few pictures on here of Nicholas turning 4. It was a normal family gathering with all the normal grandkid stuff happening. I've been putting stuff on Craig's List and we sold the one thing that I didn't think would sell right away. We had a nice Harley t-bag (luggage bag that fits on the sissy bar). It almost sold right away. We bought a new one to fit on the taller sissy bar several years ago and the old one had just been sitting in storage waiting for a new home. After we got back home from the birthday party, the guy who wanted the t-bag rode his bike onto the Seattle/Bremerton ferry and met up with us last night to pick up the bag. He was very happy with the purchase for his new Harley and the bag will ride happily hooked to the sissy bar when he takes a trip to Montana over labor day weekend. Maybe we'll be lucky and get some other things sold......Dan has a new "toy" and has been trying to make it work. He has a remote control helicopter and so far all its done is crash. Ahhhh....Ha! I've been picking blackberries in mom's yard for a cobbler. I'm thinking of going to the little house where Dan and I lived before we became "mobile" and pick more berries. There was always alot of them to pick across the street from the house. Doesn't fresh blackberry cobbler just sound real good?.......Labor Day weekend is coming up and we have no plans at all. We both hate traveling on a holiday weekend. There is a D-Derby (crashing cars) during that weekend at the local fairgrounds. Maybe we'll go see that if it doesn't rain. It poured yesterday. So much for keeping our good weather. Maybe Dan shouldn't have steam cleaned my mom's car. hahaha......I'll write again when I have something more interesting to say. Writing about everyday life when we're not traveling is rather boring for you readers that check out my blog. I can't wait to "hit the road" again! Not sure when that will be yet. Just depends on when we get our 5th wheel problems fixed. Its a slow process trying to do that right now by going through a legal process. Oh sigh. Anyway, a travel blog is alot more fun to read and this one will become more interesting when we leave here.


Sharon said...

I am sure I speak for a lot of those who read your blog. I enjoy hearing about the day to day things and places going on. Bloggers and their readers have a "connection" they share. It makes you "real" compared to a lot of fake stuff going on in the web. So keep writing, I promise you that someone will smile cause of what you posted!

Donna said...

Looks like ya'll have been having lots of Fun!! Happy night sweetie!hughugs