Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE AND HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! I'm not gonna write very much at all on here in the next several days. I've been too busy making stuff for the New Years Eve bash and we've been out on the quad for a couple of rides. We're usually gone from 3 to almost 5 hours on the rides. And then there is the socializing around the campfire at night. Just busy,busy,busy! And fun!!!!!!!!!!!! This first group of pictures was taken 12/29. Dan led a group out to see some of the stone cabins around here and to see the petroglyphs and old grinding holes. I'm not gonna put names on here this time. Just pictures of us all having fun. Here are more pictures from 12/30. We went over the top of a place called the Hogs Back. Then into Apache Cabin. On the way home we passed a couple of mines, another stone cabin, and the Spanish Wall. Rumor has it that the Spanish built this wall sometime in the 1800's. It was another nice day. Someday I'll learn how to make a slide show or something else, so I won't have a long page of pictures. But for now, this is what ya get. Today is New Years Eve. Dan just left leading a bunch of quads. They are heading out to General Patton's proving grounds. I'm here at home doing my "Martha" stuff for tonight. They are gonna have a good day for quad riding..........I think that there some datastorm people out there in Quartzsite that read my blog sometimes. Any of you that have quads are more then welcome to join us when we go riding........Everyone have a safe New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lilli & Nevada said...

Well i got your blog from Donna's site, so thought i would stop in and say howdy, we were at Q the last 3 yrs . but won't be there this yr. Darn. Anyway have lots of friends that are heading that way and some already there....
Have a Happy New Year.

Donna said...

Great pictures Patty!! Here's wishing you a Happy New Year sweetie!!hughugs