Friday, June 12, 2009

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 6/9-10-11-12........The last several days have been just awful. My sister, Christine, went to the ER with a 104 fever. Shes been in the ICU until 6am this morning, the 12th. She is now in a regular hospital room. She has E.coli in the blood which came from a bladder infection. Very bad thing to have. Shes been on lots of antibiotics and other meds to fight the infection that has gotten into her blood system, and to stabilize her blood pressure. Today the blood cultures finally showed the docs which antibiotic will get rid of the infection. Everything takes time in order for the docs to get her better. Waiting makes a person anxious and when Dan and I talked to the doctor just a little while ago, it was a relief to know that the "waiting for the blood work tests to get done" was finally over. Now that she will be on the right antibiotic, she should improve more and more each day. She needs lots of rest and quiet and it will be that way for quite awhile. I've been hanging out at the hospital alot. I'll be glad when she comes home and can recover in her own surroundings. Anyway, my blog entry isn't the greatest but I didn't want anyone to think that I dropped off the face of the earth. Christine will come home soon and life will be good!


Donna said...

OH,BLESSYOURHEART!!!!! Here's praying all will be fine!! Let us know sweetheart!!! Pins and needles here!!hughugs

Cal Sydney Rose said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister. Hope she is able to come home soon too as it is always great to be in your own bed surrounded by loved ones.
It is almost worse for the family waiting than the patient!
Love, Jer and Pat