Monday, June 28, 2010

Not too much happening since I last wrote. Just everyday living and hanging out at home. My sister, Christine, has had some stuff happen. Her daughter Tonya and granddaughter have gone back home to Las Vegas. And her grandson, Gabe, is on his way home to his mother in Georgia. My mom's house is now very quiet. Tonya had promised Christine that she was gonna make lumpia. My son Jason even went out and bought the makings for it except the lumpia wrappers. I bought them in the local oriental store, Little P.I. Well, you can guess what we had for dinner last night. Lumpia! YUMMY! Along with pork fried rice and bbq pork. I hadn't made lumpia in forever and it turned out great. Here are some lumpia pictures. Yummy, yummy, yummy stuff. I haven't taken any other pictures for about a week, you're stuck looking at food. Hahahahahahahaha. Jason and Christine enjoying their lumpia. Today I went to the dentist and had a tooth yanked out. Not a fun thing. Working my way to getting a partial upper. Then I will have a nice smile again. WOOHOO!.............Hopefully the next blog entry will be more interesting. Sometimes its hard to write about everyday life.

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Cal Sydney Rose said...

Lumpia yummy--like you, Patty, I haven't made that in like forever either. My neighbor gave me the recipe as she is Greek so guess it is authentic!!!! Sounds like a very good dinner last night.
Maybe your Mom will like a quiet house for awhile now. I have had lots of company this summer but now it is quiet here again and it is nice for a change :)
Off to camp for a week and ride the Ranger --anniversary trip for us--so can't wait.
Take care, Jer and Pat