Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wednesday, 6/9.........Well, Dan and I loaded the quad into the garage and left the KOA on Tuesday, 6/8. Everyone who reads my blog knows that we do short travel days and we did one on Tuesday. We spent the night in Woodburn, Oregon at a very nice RV park. And I was tickled because on the road in front of the RV park was a Starbucks! WOOHOO for me! We left a little later then normal today as we were only about 20 miles or so from Portland, OR and we didn't wanna travel in the morning rush hour traffic. Most of the time we take the bypass around Portland, but Dan drove straight through the middle of it on I-5 and we had no problem at all. The only irritating thing that happened is the ugly black clouds that rained on us. 98% of the time is was nice out. Then we could see some ugly black rain cloud ahead of us and we knew that it was gonna pour on us. Sure glad they weren't big clouds! hahahahaha.......We made it to Rochester, WA. Another short travel day. We are staying at the Lucky Eagle Casino. We have stayed here before and were entitled to a few free nights. We took advantage of that. Of course we had to spend our 20 bucks each at the slots and then we ate at the dinner buffet. Dan more then made up for what I didn't eat. It was an international buffet and there was alot of crab legs there. Dan loved that. This is a nice casino and we'll stay here again as we travel on I-5. We'll leave here and head for my mom's house for the summer. We'll park in her yard just like we have the last 3 summers.

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