Wednesday, March 07, 2012

We are now parked below lower motor home hill, right up against a chain link fence and across the street from where Dan will be doing his job. That worked out real good. There are some church people that set up a tent near where we are parked and they informed us that their motorhome would be the only rig parked here during the race and that we were more then welcome to camp where the other two rigs would have been parked. Thank you. This is so convenient. Right where Dan works and a shorter walk to the track from where he worked last year. The place he'll be working at is to the right where the white tent is. This the gate for people parking at lower motor home hill. What a pretty sunset. The calm before the wind storm. Tuesday 3/6.....Today is the start of a big wind storm. Oh fun. I already have the satellite dish stowed. The winds are suppose to gust up to 60mph. Thats not a very good thing. So, no internet or tv for today, tonight, and probably Wednesday morning. Should be an interesting day. We'll how many of these light weight porta potties blow over. I'm wondering how many people will be traveling to the track today in these bad winds. I'll admit that I'll miss the internet, but I can play games offline and I'm using word pad to write this for my blog. And, I can always go outside in the wind and take pictures of the jets. Its not gonna be cold today. Somewhere in the mid 70's, but I guess tomorrow will be quite chilly. My son Jason is flying in tomorrow and I bet he'll be feeling a bumpy landing if its still somewhat windy. Won't be as bad as what is happening today. This is a good day to drive down the road to Walmart and get the last minute shopping done before Jason gets here. And probably go through the "cheap movie" bin and pick up a few movies to watch......Wednesday 3/7...I did go shopping and bought movies, but never watched them. I did stuff around our rig, took some pictures of the trees blowing in the wind, went out and sat with Dan and took him something warm to drink a couple of times, played with Bella, and REALLY cussed at the wind when it hit with 55 to 60mph gusts against our rig. Yesterday our poor 5th wheel was really rocking and rolling! Almost all of the portable porta potties blew over. Oh. And when I was outside chatting with Dan, it was VERY lightly snowing!!!!!!!!! Good grief! I'm almost positive that some people had some damage on their rigs yesterday. We talked to one woman who had the wind blow the door out of her hand and her door broke. Lots of stuff was blowing across the rv lot, like, people's outdoor mats. Dan about froze and was bundled up with layers and layers. Tonight will be colder, but it will be warming up for the rest of the time we'll be here......Here are before and after pictures. The trees are really bored just standing up straight, then they decide to start dancing and they sure did dance!!!!!!!!!!! Oops. There go some of the porta potties. Look how the sand is blowing. Hopefully today I won't have to lower the satellite dish. Its still gonna be a little windy, but not anything like yesterday!

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Clara Camper said...

That looks like it was quite the wind storm! You'll get through that crazy weather soon enough. You saw a beautiful sunset before all the chaos started. Great pictures. Safe travels, you two!

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