Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dan and I and my son Jason all headed to Mountlake Terrace, WA to see Dan's grand Tiffany in her dance recital. It was a good recital and she did good. She knew what to do and I didn't see her miss a step. It was a long day, but fun. We had to ride the Kingston/Edmonds ferry to get there. Of course unless you wanna drive all the way off the end of the Kitsap Peninsula or go across the Tacoma Narrows bridge, you have to ride a ferry boat. We choose the ferry even though it isn't cheap. We get to avoid the Tacoma/Seattle traffic. Anyway......Dan just got done fixing the macerator for our black water. A screw broke in the macerator and it wouldn't pump. Do you think you can find this screw just anywhere? Nope. We had to wait until yesterday, Monday, to get it at Tacoma Screw. I sure won't forget that the macerator needs a 10-32 screw or all-thread! Whatever. Its fixed and I'm glad it didn't happen out in the desert. We might not have found this special threaded screw anywhere close to us. Just another part of living in your 5th wheel..........My oldest son Michael had a house fire yesterday, Monday, where he lives in Tallahassee, Florida. Him and his room mate came home from work and Michael's room was on fire. He lost almost everything. Hes especially sad about loosing his personal things, like what his daughter made him. Stuff you can't replace. It was a lightning strike. The lightning hit a tree which in turn the strike went right into the hot water heater which fried the electrical in Michael's room. Sure glad he wasn't home when that happened. He could have been electrocuted. Oh my. Too scary.......And here are the most current pictures....Bella found herself a new toy with the cardboard.
I folded it up and she really likes hiding in it.
Sitting in line for the Kingston/Edmonds ferry. Cars, cars, and more cars.
And, here comes the ferry. This one is called the Walla Walla.

Driving onto the ferry.
Dan and his grand Tiffany after the recital. She loved getting flowers.

My youngest son Jason, Dan's grand Nicholas, Dan, Tiffany, and his daughter Audrey.

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