Thursday, July 26, 2012

I had to put this picture on the blog as Kody passed away on 7/23/12. He belonged to my niece Tonya and just loved going outside walking with Dan. He was a very loving cat and we will all miss him.
The rest of our days have been good. Here is one of the "fun" jobs about having an RV. NOT! LOL LOL......Dan is pumping out the black water using a macerator and sending it into my mom's septic tank. Oh boy. Just one of the "crappy" jobs that has to be done!

My mom's Christine plant, aka a Hollyhock, was just too pretty not to take another picture. Its actually been quite nice outside (finally) and things are blooming and growing. We can see ears of corn in the garden and zucchini and green beans, etc. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we'll be picking more blueberries maybe today. I've been freezing them so we have blueberries in the desert during the winter.
Bella is on the lookout for little birds. She thinks making herself invisible in the top of one of the apple trees. I can't believe how still she becomes, just watching and waiting. She hasn't even come close to even touching a bird but she did pounce on a squirrel a few days ago. She made contact. I know she won't try and kill one but she sure is having fun chasing them.

In the post before this one I took that nice cabbage that came out of the garden and used it in soup. I slow cooked cabbage and potatoes in chicken broth all day using only a little salt and pepper. Then towards the end of the day I added two cans of cream of celery soup and let that cook in. Just before dinner I added half and half to cream it up more. Oh, it was SO yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure do love my slow cooker!

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Donna said...

Love Bella!
Thanks for the recipe!!! My hubby LOVES cabbage any way he can get it!