Friday, August 03, 2012

Been several days since I last wrote anything. Just been busy. On 7/31 I took Dan to the Seattle VA (Veterans Administration) Hospital for an inpatient surgery on his back. Hes had bad, bad back problems for a very long time. The VA "burned", or used radio waves on 4 nerves at the bottom of his back. There are now 4 injection sites that I'm keeping a close eye on. He is doing great. Just taking it easy for now. His back pain is very little and the injection sites won't hurt as the days go by. We keep track of his pain level. He is a much happier person after having this done and I'm happier too. Soon as the injection sites heal he will be working on our rig to finish up maintenance and get it "road ready" for when we leave Bremerton again. My son Jason went to Seattle with us to keep me company. Thanks Jason!............Since the Seattle trip things have been lazy and slow around here. The sun has been trying to stay out and we should be having some good weather. Good for us and the garden. Soon we'll be eating our own corn on the cob and beans. Then after that we'll be having LOTS of zucchini and tomatoes. YUM! Oh, and the blackberries are finally starting to turn red. Soon they will be black and sweet. Can't wait to pick them and make a cobbler!.....This is Seattle Seafair weekend and Dan will be watching the hydroplane races on TV. You can check it out at 

Here are some pictures that I've taken in the last few days. Bella is up as high as she can get inside our rig. Right outside this long window is an awning that is over a slide. The crows get up on the awning and look at their reflections in the window. Drives Bella crazy!!!!!!!!
I'm sitting on the stairs that go up into the loft of our rig. She was giving me quite the look. She'd really like to be on the other side of the window I think. Wish I could have gotten a picture of one of the crows tapping at it's reflection.
Now, I can't figure out what this bug is. I don't remember ever seeing one like this here. We had seen one like this at night in the grass a day before I took these pictures. It "hissed" at us then flew off. I'm not sure if this is the same bug but this one was having a problem, so after I took some pictures and Bella got a look at it, we just left it alone.
She was very curious about it and just stared and stared.
It never did fly away, but it tried. The next day after these pictures we found that it had died, so Dan removed it. I've tried to look it up on the Internet but can't find what it is so far.

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