Thursday, August 09, 2012

I think summer is actually almost here. Its been nice and sunny, but then it goes back to kind of warm but overcast. Mother nature just can't make up it's mind. The sun has been out enough to ripen the zucchini. I'm the only one who likes it so I've been sharing with my niece Melinda. In the next couple of days I'll be picking the green beans. They will be so good steamed! We've picked our first bowl of blackberries. I've made one cobbler so far and it was most delicious! I'll be picking berries to freeze and take with us when we leave here again.

Dan is doing good since the VA worked on his back. Hes still not doing heavy lifting but he'll be back to "his normal self" soon. We took a ride to Port Townsend, WA a few days ago, seen our friends Chris and Connie, spent the night then came back home the next day. Chris and Connie are old friends and have been in my blog before. During the summer they run their concession in 5 or 6 fairs. Dan and I have both worked in the concession and its hard work. They make "fresh, made to order" hamburgers, curly fries, etc. YUMMY! They live in Idaho and own an RV park. Here is their web-site. Go check it out. Its a wonderful "mom and pop" park, its pretty and we love staying there.

Bella caught this little guy and had a blast chasing it around. Remember she is a "catch and release" cat, so it eventually quit playing and ran off.

My son Jason brought his "daughter" Lisa over so we could meet little Alexa. Shes a cute little girl. I can tell that Jason just loves her. Hes gonna make a good "grandpa".

Lisa, Alexa, and Jason.
Here I am with Alexa. She stayed on my lap for a long time.
Lisa, my Mom, Jason and Alexa, and me.
This is the place we stayed in Port Townsend. That is Dan on the beach. The part of the motel we stayed in was old, old, old. Dan thought it was ok, but I really didn't like it. Part of the movie "Officer and a Gentleman" was filmed here. It probably was a good motel in it's time. If you ever decide to stay here, Tides-Inn, make sure you stay in the new part not the old.
Picture of the Port Townsend ferry.
Dan with Connie and Chris at their campsite at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. We had a BBQ, visited, and played a favorite dice game.

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