Thursday, August 16, 2012

Its been sooooooooooooooo nice out. No complaints from us! Dan and I went back to Port Townsend, WA again. Went to the mud races at the Jefferson County Fair. My son Jason and his friend Teresa met us there. This is a very tiny fair but people still love going there. Dan and I spent the night and when our friend Chris and Connie were done working, we all went to dinner then back to their motorhome for a couple of games of dice. Now we are home and they have gone to their next "gig". Working at the Kite Festival in Longbeach, WA.

Here is the concession all set up and ready for business. Take note that the sky is BLUE!
Connie inside the concession getting ready to work.
Chris getting ready to take orders. Connie cooks "fresh orders". No old hamburger patties sitting on the grill waiting for an order.
Looking back at part of their concession from the small grandstands.
Dan, Teresa, and Jason getting ready to watch the mud races.
The little kids were all thrilled to ride in this "monster car". It was 5 bucks a ride and the ride wasn't very long, but when you're little its all good.
The start of the mud race. It was kind of fun watching the trucks and jeeps try and race through the mud. I didn't take a picture of it but one guy had a snowmobile machine going through the mud. Now, I liked that.
After the races, people were playing out in the mud. This guy tipped over. He was covered in mud and the inside of his truck was nothing but an "inside the truck mud ball".
This guy had been climbing over the rocks and this is where he parked the truck. A dramatic look for the little boys who were thrilled to watch him.
One of the guys racing his truck in the mud happened to be a son of my friend Tracy. I just happened to hear his name being said over the loud speaker, so I went to the "pits" and looked for him. I hadn't seen Anthony since he was a baby and he never would have known who I was, but I spotted his mom and dad. I hadn't seen either of them in a very long time. VERY long time! You know how you lose touch with people and everyone goes on with their life. This is what happened with us. I'm so glad they came back into my life again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its early morning at our motel room and I spotted these deer walking the beach from the deck of our room. Very cool.
It was a nice but foggy morning. I thought this was cool. The big sail boat with a background of some kind of Navy boat that was moored across the way at Indian Island.
Back home from our 2 day mini trip. My son Jason came over to help Dan pack the bearings on all 6 or our rigs wheels. I guess that's how you would say it. Anyway, Jason and Dan did some preventative maintenance. Living in a 5th wheel is no different then living in a stick house. You still need to do upkeep on your living space. Thank goodness for Jason and thank you Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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