Sunday, August 26, 2012

Last post was on 8/20. Dan went to visit his daughter Audrey and the grands for 3 days. I think he was real busy doing stuff with them. They went to a triple A baseball game and went to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA where Audrey lives. He was tired when he got home but he had a good time. I stayed here with Bella and did some stuff around here and went to a doc appointment with my sister. Dan is back now and we're back to everyday life. We went to a BBQ at my niece Gina's house and had a nice time there. We're about 3 weeks away from leaving Bremerton and heading to Las Vegas. Have things to do to get "road ready". We'll get them all done. We always do......Its been cold here in the early evenings. Been putting on coats and hoodies. Feels like Autumn is in the air. Hoping it will warm back up.

Here are a few pictures of some family members at the BBQ. Steve and my niece Melinda.
Sister-in-law Sharon, Mom, sister Christine.
My brother John holding Buddy.
Son Jason and my brother Jim.
Cousins, Jason and Melinda.
Sister Christine and our great nephew Caleb.
Can't wait for a visit from the UPS man this coming week. He'll be bringing a new cargo/saddle bags for our quad. WOOHOO! We sure did need the bags. All the zippers don't work on the old bags. We need to keep them better lubricated I guess. The desert dust is wicked sometimes. I'm excited to get new bags.

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