Saturday, September 01, 2012

Boy oh boy did we had a good time seeing Ryan and John. Ryan is one of Dan's grands and it was the first time all summer for me seeing him. We had a great time visiting, had a BBQ (steak, jello, homemade blueberry muffins, cheeses, corn on the cob, chips, yum yum yum), and Ryan drove the quad.  I was just assuming that he would climb on and go for a ride. He climbed on alright, but sat up front. His Papa rode behind him. He had a blast driving! He also took his Dad for a ride. I think he really got a kick out of doing that. He is a fast learner and listened good to his Papa for instructions and I could hear him several times asking his Papa which way he wanted to go. Dan came back one time and told me that Ryan was so excited because he got the quad to go 12mph! LOL LOL. You can't go much faster on it around my mom's half acre as the house if in the way, fruit trees are in the way, our rig is in the way, and garden and blueberry bushes are in the way. Ya might get it up to 15 to 20mph, maybe. He had fun doing figure 8's around the fruit trees. Thanks John for bringing him over to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other then seeing Ryan, we've just been getting things "road ready" for when we pull out of here again this month. Always lots to do before we leave.....Oh, and we went to my niece's house for homemade potato soup. YUM! Her picture in the blog entry below this one. I took homemade blueberry muffins.

Dan being the "meet and greet" when John and Ryan arrived.
Ryan and his Dad
Checking out the quad to see if he could reach the brake pedal.
Taking his Papa for a ride.
When he came back around the yard again, he went on the slope a little more. It was harder to keep the wheels straight as you can see by the look on his face.
One happy kid having fun.
Me and Ryan
Papa and Ryan
Ryan taking his Dad for a ride. Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!
And, there they go around the house.
Two happy guys having some father and son fun.
And away they go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Bella chillin' in the cupboard.
We finally went to our storage area. We moved the Harley out so we could tidy things up and look for a few things. The bike is very sad. Dan hasn't been on it for over two years. Sometimes I really miss not riding on it but with Dan's balance not being so good sometimes, he just won't take a chance of dumping the bike and getting us hurt. Not sure what will happen to the bike at this point in time. It can stay stored for awhile more while Dan makes a decision what to do. Its going to be VERY hard for him to sell it.

Bella has her favorite places in our rig. Here is another one. She can go hide or just hang out in the opening.

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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Had the same problem as Dan and finally sold my Harley, I went to the coffee shop when the guy came to pick it and all my Harley parts up, couldn't bear to watch it go down the road without me. We then took the profits and paid for 5000 sq feet of 3 in. blacktop to pave the drive and a parking pad for our fiver. What a tribute to our Harley. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..