Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy birthday to my granddaughter Trista who I haven't seen in a very long, long time. She is 21 today and I love her and think of her everyday.

Sunday, 9/30..........Dan is almost done working here. He has about 3 more hours of work helping to pick up speed bumps and signs. Then we're out of here. Yesterday was the truck race. It didn't start until about 5:45pm so it was a long day of activity. I didn't go anywhere, Dan "worked" the gate by our rig, and Jason and Teresa went to see Hoover Dam. Then they came back and were back and forth between the race and our rig a few times. I think they had fun........Today we are off to stay a couple of days at the Oasis RV Resort in south Las Vegas. Its a little pricey, but its a treat because its so nice. Dan will be in the swimming pool and hot tub at least once.

Here is Dan, hard at work. lol lol lol
Dan and one of the bosses, Bob, cruising the owner/driver lot.
I wrote a blurp on FaceBook yesterday that I was watching the race on tv just to see I could spot our rig. Didn't have the sound on. Just typed my thing on FB about watching the race out the left window of our 5th wheel and here is my view.
Nice view of our home.
Tried to get a shot of the moon, over upper motor home hill, with the trucks racing on the track.

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