Saturday, October 06, 2012

Monday, 10/1......We arrived here at the Oasis RV Resort. We REALLY like this place. Its one of the best RV parks we've ever been too. This is our 4th time here. Dan has been in the swimming pool and hot tub several times. We rarely use our air conditioner but its beyond hot and Bella pants and pants and pants. Dan and I both like the heat but not when it suffocates you. Its been over 100 and it makes you turn into a real sweat ball. We are here for two nights.

Tuesday, arriving 10/2/leaving 10/8. At the AVI Casino and KOA RV Park. We've also stayed here. We used some of our KOA points and, aside for getting a good deal for 5 nights, we got another $25 off for using points. Cool. Its been VERY hot here too but is suppose to cool down a bit, into the 90s. Dan has now replaced all the Les Schwab, except for the spare. I so hope we don't have anymore tire issues. I do believe we're gonna try and put in 3 separate insurance claims for the damages to our "home" caused by these tires. The first claim will be the last incident. Need to get the hole in our floor repaired. Now I'll be researching online for reputable RV repair places. We'll see how that goes. I did find one that sounds good in Kingman, AZ. Maybe.

On Friday we went into Laughlin to the Aquarius Casino's seafood buffet. It was ok but not near as good as the last few times we've been there. Just my opinion. Anyway, after we ate it was time to play the penny slots. (You know. The ones where if you really wanna win big you have to play "max bet" which can be up to 4 bucks.) I was playing 80 cents and then went to $1.20. I kept inching my way up winning small amounts. When I passed 200 bucks I decided to try "max bet", which was 2 bucks. I left that machine with 242 bucks to the good. WOOHOO!!!!!! I had put 40 bucks into the machine to make that. Heaven forbid if you had a gambling problem. It was a good night. That money will come in handy after buying 2 new tires. Dan came out about 60 bucks to the good. We left the casino quite happy.

Here are a few pictures of the KOA we are staying at. The AVI Casino is across the street. We don't usually go in there as we didn't like their buffet and we never win anything.

Here is one of the two Les Schwab tires Dan took to the tire place when we got the new tires. Good thing we got rid of this one too. The tread was separating on one side of the tire. We could have gotten more damage done to our rig because of this. Look how the half the tire tread is higher. Just something scary waiting to happen. It was actually pulling apart. I sure hope our new tires don't give us a problem.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

When you find a repair shop for the trailer consider installing a galvanized wheel well insert made and installed properly. If heaven forbid you were to have another blow out this would protect the trailer and should add no more than 40lbs for both sides. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.