Monday, October 15, 2012

Friday 10/12.........We drove into Parker so Dan could get a haircut and look for a part for our rig. He got the haircut but he couldn't find the part. GRRRR. Our poor 5th wheel is having the "come aparts". One of the landing legs broke a gear. Gotta order one like we did before. Hmmmm. Wonder whats gonna happen next????????? Anyway, we stopped by the Bluewater Casino to eat at their dinner buffet but quickly discovered that they don't offer the full buffet anymore. So, we tried it anyway. They now have a salad bar and chef's choice of entree or you can order off the menu. We won't go there again. Dan ordered off the menu and I had the "garden bar". It had salads/soup of the day/some fruit/rolls/desert/entree. The entree was fried chicken/mashed potatoes and gravy/green beans. The chicken was greasy and dry. Oh sigh. And I love dark meat chicken and don't eat it very much as Dan doesn't like chicken.......10/13&14......Didn't do much of anything. Just hung out at home, played outside with Bella, and went for a walk without her. We walked a LONG ways or so my feet told me that. On part of one side and the front of the county park is now an RV park. I'm not sure who owns this but it can't be part of the county park anymore as it's front spaces on the water are $60 a day!!!!!!!!! And no grass at your rv space. You can park at the county park, on the water, with a ramada for $20 a day. No sewer, but, who cares? I know whoever owns this park is not done "putting it together" and it will probably be nice, but I wouldn't stay at it. We are sitting way back in the group area overlooking the new park and it looks crowded and when we walked through it, I felt "closed in". They have a restaurant and an outdoor bar. Thats where I took the pic of Dan and the pirate ship and lady pirate. That part was ok. In my opinion, I just couldn't be crammed into the RV part of the park for that amount of money. You can go check it here.

Looking up the Colorado River at the county park.

Looking across the river.
The pirates ship at the new rv park that I was talking about above.
Dan thought she was pretty cute. LOL LOL LOL
Looking out across the group area at our "home".

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