Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tuesday 10/9......We left the AVI Casino/KOA and headed to Kingman, AZ. We took our 5th wheel to an RV repair place to get an estimate for the damage caused by our tire coming apart. We had to go spend the night somewhere and pick up the estimate the next day. There was a KOA about 3 blocks from the repair shop, so we spent the night there. Kingman KOA. It was pricey for a KOA. I don't understand how one KOA can charge 21 bucks and change for a night and another one can charge 40 bucks and change. Same size RV space. Anyway..........Wednesday 10/10. After we picked up the estimate we headed to Parker, AZ. Staying 7 days at La Paz County Park. The park is right on the Colorado River. We've stayed here 4 other times. We got set up and headed to Walmart and just beat the storm that rolled through the area. We were outside watching the storm miss us. It was storming like hell across the river and we could look up above us and see clear sky with lots of stars. Mother nature put on quite the "light show". Bella likes it here. We parked in a different place this time so she wasn't afraid of all the noisy jet boats and jet skies. This place is set back from the river and so far we're out here all by ourselves. Nice......Thur 10/11....The storms finally hit us. It rained about 5 times today when a black rain cloud passed over us. Then it was sunny again. Weird weather. It finally cleared up and turned out to be a nice day.

One very old and twisted tree by where we are parked.
We are parked in a huge group area of the county park. Its nice to be out here all by ourselves. Maybe it will stay this way. We've let Bella off the leash and shes loving it. She can break out into a full run, something she hasn't been able to do for a long time. The rigs in the background are in a RV park. As it got darker we looked out in this direction and seen the "light show" over the river and beyond.

Bella loves this tree. I think shes been out on every branch so far.
Our "home" until Wednesday 10/17.

One of the rain showers that passed through.

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