Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wednesday 10/17 and days after............Yes, yes, yes. We are in "our spot" in the desert. We are actually at La Pose North in Quartzsite, Arizona for several months. We got our rig sitting the direction we want it and got everything set up inside except for the garage. Its on the "to do" list to get lay down the outside rug, take the quad out of the garage, clean the garage, set up our table and benches, then go haul water and get propane. Bella remembered this place. Shes already been out chasing lizards/crickets/grasshoppers. When we took her out for her first night walk in the desert, on the leash of course, she flushed out some critter from a mesquite bush. I'm pretty sure it was a kangaroo rat or a ground squirrel, even though it looked bigger in the shadows from the flashlight. This cat was EXCITED. So far shes been staying close to our rig. We're hoping she continues to do this so we can just sit in our outdoor chairs and watch "The Bella Show". LOL LOL LOL..........The quad is out and ready for riding. The outdoor rug is laid down and it looks like we've never left from last season. The nights walks with Bella are less then 1/2 hour each night but I'm sure they are VERY exciting for her. That first night we took her out, she did flush a kangaroo rat out of the bush because its happen twice more. One of them ran right across the rug in front of me. They are not too shy about going near people but Bella must look scary to them. Too funny. Good thing she is on a leash or we'd be hunting for her in the dark. She goes "spastic" chasing them and the other night critters that shes seen. Walking at night will probably become a "nightly before going to bed" thing. Dan used to walk at night with our other cat, Bonehead, but she didn't need a leash. She was old and she stuck to Dan like super glue. She was just content to be wherever Dan was..............Its SO quiet here. We can hear the freeway, I-10, off in the distance sometimes. There isn't anyone driving by us with the big "boom boom booms" coming from the car. Not any "big town or city sounds", thank goodness. No screaming or whining little kids. Just a peaceful desert. I will have to venture to Blythe, CA which is bigger then Quartzsite so I can go to Kmart. My espresso machine broke and I need my daily "fix". Walmart up north in Parker, where we just came from, didn't have anything close to what I wanted. Hope Kmart does or I'll have to order something from online I guess. Going to Blythe will be ok as I can stop at my favorite place, Starbucks. LOL LOL...........Dan has raised 3 of our solar panels on the roof so far and we're still waiting for another estimate for repairing our rig. Dan still needs to put in the gear for our right front landing leg. Its on the "to do" list. The other thing that we'll be doing soon is washing all the windows outside. Get all the travel dirt off them so we can have good views of the desert.

Our home away from Bremerton for the winter. Dan hasn't raised any solar panels up yet in this picture.

Bella being very comfortable outside.
Bella was up in "Bonehead's Tree" laying over the top of a hole in the big branch. I think there was a lizard in the hole and she was just watching and waiting. She peeked around the branch at me.
You can tell that she had her head in the hole by the piece of bark or whatever that got caught on her whiskers.
Dan and our neighbor Carol. This will be our 7th year camping near Carol and Jim.

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