Thursday, October 25, 2012

Well, well, well. It does look like my flamingo, Flo, is ready for Halloween. Shes not scary for sure, but shes cute......The last few days have been nice. Good weather and fun times outside for Bella. Shes done three "catch and release" lizards. It just amazes me that she doesn't puncture their bodies. We think she just likes the "hunt and chase" part. And, shes gotta touch them. Then she doesn't care about them anymore. Taking Bella outside for "playtime" is a good thing for both of us. We grab our snake/walking sticks and we go and get our exercise. I bought myself a good pair of walking shoes so I can cruise right along with her.....I took the quad out for a ride into Quartzsite one day. Wanted to go check out the Salvation Army. It had just opened before we left here last season. I was totally disappointed as it was closed with yellow police type tape in front of it. Hmmmmm. Wonder what happened there? Guess I'll have to ask someone "local". I like going there and poking around. I ended up going to the library instead. I rode through the dry wash, Tyson Wash, and kept to the back roads. Its always interesting to see whats for sale around town......Also, last night I do believe we had an owl do a "fly-by". We were watching TV and I seen this HUGE bird fly by the window. Nice wing span. We've seen owls perched in the trees when we're out on the quad, but never have seen one right outside our window. He must have been looking for his next meal and our rig was just in his air space......Below are some pictures I've taken in the last few days. Enjoy........

All ready for Halloween.
Maybe I should have gotten the roadrunner ready for Halloween too.
Our home. Dan has only raised up 3 solar panels so far. Still waiting for the last estimate on the damage to our rig from the bad tire and he didn't wanna have to lower all 6 of them when we move our rig in for repair.
A nice silhouette of Bella in the setting sun.

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