Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween has come and gone. We sure didn't miss it The flamingo has been stripped of her Halloween costume and is ready to dress up for Thanksgiving. Soon....... My friend, Paym who is on the Crime Stoppers poster in the right margin, has been gone for 3 years now. RIP Paym. One day is too long not to have put this person away for his crime, but 3 years??????? And may the person who did this to you walk this earth looking their shoulder all the time.....................Things have been quiet around here. Its been nice during the day and getting cooler at night. I get up earlier then Dan in the morning and have been bundling up and wearing my half gloves. I'm hoping the nights don't get any cooler or we'll have to get out the propane heater. I say this every year and will try not to complain too much, but I don't like being cold in the part of the desert where we are. We've below 1000' and not in even close to being in the cold high desert. Come on muther nature. Give us a "balmy at night" winter. lol lol......We'll see........We still haven't gotten the last estimate from the place here in Quartzsite. We've been here a little over 2 weeks now and asked for an estimate the day we got into Quartzsite and I do believe they forgot about us. Even with Dan calling one week after they looked at our rig, we haven't heard back. I guess RV Lifestyles here in Quartzsite doesn't want our business. We might have to go back up to Kingman, AZ and have the work done. At least we have an estimate from people there. We can't sit here parked in Quartzsite all winter with duck tape covering the big hole in the bottom of our rig. More on the "getting our rig fixed" adventures later in another blog.............Waiting for an email from Walmart in Parker saying that my espresso machine is there. I finally ordered it online and delivery to the Walmart will be very soon. I can't wait! Coffee in the morning just doesn't work for me. I'm missing my latte "fix". And, so life goes on with my espresso machine. LOL LOL LOL.........We've been having some clouds in the sky lately and that makes for pretty sunsets as in the pictures below.

Bella looked like she was ready to go riding. It would be so cool if she would ride with us.
She is too funny. I'm not sure what she was peeking at over the top of my dust cover. You can see the full moon way off in the distance over the tree. That night it was pretty bright in the sky.
Dan and I took a ride to one of the geocaches we put out in the desert. This is a popular cache as its right along the freeway. People traveling east/west seem to stop by here for a "break from driving" and find the cache. We went to clean it out and see how many people had signed our log.
A couple pictures of the same sunset. Depending on where I point the camera, the pictures always are different. The colors change so fast and the clouds are moving and the sun is setting. Makes for neat pictures.

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