Thursday, November 08, 2012

We are finally making some headway about fixing our rig. At least the "ball is now rolling". We never did hear anything from RV Lifestyles here in Quartzsite. Nothing. Nada. Nill. Oh well. Guess they didn't want our business. We will be using the RV fixer place in Kingman, AZ if everything continues to go ok. As it is, its really hard to trust someone right now. Our insurance is preparing the money for the repair and we will receive that soon. Then, when we have money in hand, we can make an appointment with the repair place in Kingman and then head north for awhile, get it repaired, then come back to Quartzsite. I won't name the place in Kingman yet, but will soon. Depends on how things go. Anyway, we're playing the "waiting game" now with our insurance and it will be short wait. We have State Farm and I can only say good things about them, no matter what anyone else says. Just my opinion. Soon as we have a date to go up there, I'll make some motel reservations. Find a place with a half kitchen and a place where Bella can go..............Not too much else happening. We went north to Parker so I could pick up my espresso maker. Yum. I sure like having it back. Did some grocery shopping and just came home.

Our Canadian friends, Ken and Diane, are here now. Check out the big pimple on the side of his tires! It looked weird and it has finally "popped". Whats with bad tires anyway?????????
This looks too strange. We haven't had anything like that happen, YET........
My flamingo, Flo, is all ready for Thanksgiving. I'm thinking we won't go for RV repair until after Thanksgiving so she should be able to stand here for awhile with her outfit on.
She is so cute. I'm SO glad that my daughter-in-law Tia gave me this plastic bird. I sure get a lot of joy out of her and have fun dressing her up. Thanks Tia!!!!!!!!!!!
We did have one thing happen that was interesting. A very young hawk that hangs out in our area spotted Bella out in the desert. Dan wasn't too far away from her. We always keep her within eyesight. Dan said the hawk swooped down towards her, he yelled at the hawk, the hawk was startled, and flew off away from Bella. I guess Bella seen the hawk as it got closer and when it took off away from her, she wanted to give chase. Normal thing for a cat to do, but Dan stopped her. Good thing shes a good listener most of the time for a cat. Bella probably looks like a bunny or jackrabbit to the bird or just something interesting to try and grab. Anyway, thats the Bella and hawk story.

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