Thursday, November 15, 2012

Still waiting waiting waiting. Waiting is hard. Waiting for the insurance people to do what they gotta do and get the check sent to us for our RV repairs. Other then that, things are fine around here. Well, Dan has a cold but that will go away soon. We've been using the heater at night to take off the chill but during the day its staying in the 70's, sometimes with the north wind chill. More and more people are starting to come to Quartzsite and more vendors are setting up. You can always tell when the people are starting to "roll in" just by taking a trip to the post office here in town. The parking lot is like "taking your life in your hands" if you attempt to park in it and the street that runs along the side of the post office has people backing out every which way without looking. I drove the quad to the post office a few days ago. I go via the dry wash, come up a little hill beside some business's, then drive a block on the main highway turning left to the post office side road.  Right after I turned left I sat there and watched part of the "post office comedy hour" hoping no one would hit each other. One truck was backing out in front of me (he had already had started to back out just as I was turning) so I was waiting on him. But another truck was backing out at the same time a couple of parking spaces away and they just about hit each other as they weren't backing up slow. They were in a hurry and just trying to get outta there I suppose. Aside from not paying attention to what they were both doing, I'm betting that they both came out of the post office and were stressed. Thats what going to the post office does to you here. Long lines and not enough workers and cranky people. Its a good place to get anything you want off your chest to strangers or a "local" and catch up on all the Quartzsite gossip. For being retired and suppose to kick back and enjoy life, these people are sure in a hurry! The same thing happens at the two local grocery stores. Boy oh boy, you better get out of the way of someone who is stopping by to pick up milk and bread. LOL LOL LOL....I'm being so mean, but thats how it is when people start arriving here for the winter from all over the States, Canada, and wherever. Guess you need to come experience it for yourselves from November through February. If you are always in a hurry and drive fast you won't even notice it. Laughing, laughing, laughing!!!!!!!!!!

Bella and I went out walking this morning and I seen a big tarantula about 10' from me, stopped, but probably en route to somewhere else in the desert.  Bella didn't see it. I scooped her up and brought her back home so I could grab my camera and our Canadian pal Ken, who just happened to be outside, and go back to look for it so I could take pictures. Of course we couldn't find it. What were the odds of seeing it again in this HUGE desert? It was bigger then the one we seen about 3 years ago under our rig. The body on this one was almost 1/3 the size of my fist and its legs were long and brown and hairy. My imagination tends the think about sci-fi stuff and coming across giant tarantulas attacking whatever in the desert. LOL LOL

I tried and tried to make a slide show of these picture. Was I successful? Nope. So, here they are, one by one. Just some pictures of how it looks around in the area where we camp. Where we go walking everyday with Bella. It was VERY cloudy on this day.

There is our home way off in the distance.

Dan and Bella walking way ahead of me.

Bella with our rig and our two neighbor's rigs in the background.

Chillin' in the dry wash.
Bella with the rocks that my oldest son Michael piled up when he was here 2 seasons ago.

Peeking at me from behind the Palo Verde tree branch. She was "into" tree climbing on this day as it was chilly out and the critters were all hiding.

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