Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We are now in Kingman, AZ. Staying at Blake Ranch RV Park. Its a nice "mom and pop" park. We took our rig to the RV repair and they checked it out again to see what parts they need to order. Now we are playing the waiting game. I'm thinking that we'll be at this RV park for at least a week.

Here is Bella on top of our rig before we left for Kingman. Dan was on the roof fixing one of our fantastic fans and she was "helping".
She was peeking down at me. She sure did like being up there. She stayed until it got too hot up there as the sun was beating down on the roof.
Here we are at Blake Ranch RV Park.
Dan and Bella out walking. She has to be on her leash here. Shes being pretty good about it.
Its not near as flat here as it is in Quartzsite. We're up about 4300 feet. Brrrrrr. It could get cold here.

I like taking pictures of Bella in trees. I bet no one could tell that if they've seen my blog lately.
Dan and Bella just chillin'. And, Dan was really chilling. It was getting chilly out.

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