Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 15, 2012..........I'm am so far behind in my blog. Sorry about that......We spent almost another week at the RV park then finally got the call that all our parts were in. We figured that would take about 2 weeks, so that was ok. Drove from the RV park to Trotters RV and dropped our home off. They were gonna do the repair in one day. We told them we were gonna get a motel room and that we would pick it up the next morning. Ok fine. That worked too. Only one night at a Best Western in Kingman, AZ......Poor Bella just wasn't sure about being in that room. We brought in her litter box, food, bed, and toys and she soon was snooping in every corner. We don't have a bathtub in our rig and she was VERY curious about that! It was funny. It was a very nice room and we were pleased that they gave us a government price, which was about 20 bucks lower then the discount prices. I was able to use my "retired from Civil Service, DON (Navy)" badge. Bella was 10 bucks for the night. It was a big room and had a microwave and fridge. I was able to take our leftovers from the night before with us for dinner. Way cool. That saved us some money by not going out to eat. After our one night stay we headed to the RV place to pick up our home and get on the road. We decided to stop in Parker, AZ so I could shop at Walmart and Safeway to stock up on groceries. We stopped on Tuesday 12/11 and were gonna leave on Friday 12/14. Well, a big rain storm came in on the night of 12/13 and just continued on into 12/14. When we parked here it was dusty and hard packed. Now we're, more or less, stuck in a bunch of water and mud. Right at this moment, Saturday 12/15 as I'm writing this, we can't go anywhere. The ground is VERY soft and full of water and lots of mud. Our truck would struggle trying to get us out of here. Now we're stuck paying for everyday we have to sit here. The camp hosts can't do anything about that but has the County Park people even thought to ask us if we're ok? Nope. If we tried to pull ourselves out of here today, we would be REALLY ripping the ground up but oh well, that can't be helped......I just went and paid for another night to stay here. We'll see what happens on Sunday 12/16.........

Here is Bella in our Best Western motel room. She already picked out her bed. And, she did sleep on this bed all night. She didn't even use her bed at all.

Ohhhhhhhhh. Stretching out on my big bed.........

A view of the new panel they put on and painted. Its a little darker then the original, but thats ok. I didn't take any picture of where the gash used to be under our rig. You can just believe me when I say that the big gash is gone. We now have a new side on our bathroom vanity as it had splintered and new flooring where the hole was.
This is how we looked after the storm. We had been parked on dry land. I know it doesn't look deep but I sunk, in some places, up to my ankles in my rubber boots and it was MUDDY MUDDY MUDDY! When I backed up the truck, I put deep ruts in the ground.

The ground looks solid but believe me, it isn't.
Bella was contemplating going outside. Hmmmmmmmm
"Should I go Mom?"
Maybe I can jump. Glad she didn't because she would have sunk up over her paws. I picked her up and carried her across the mud so she could get some air and go tree climbing. It was very muddy and mushy under the trees too and when she walked beside me for a little ways, her paws sunk down into the mud.
Some of my footprints in the mud.
Here we sit with lots of mud around us.
Some of my tire tracks from the first day after the rains came.
I eventually moved the truck out near the paved road where it wouldn't sink into the mud. Why didn't Dan move the truck you ask? Well, I went to pay for another day here and he is still stuck with the worst cold ever, so hes been hanging out inside. (Hows that for an oxymoron?) lol lol
And so are the adventures of Dan and Patty and Bella.

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