Sunday, March 17, 2013


We are La Paz County Park in Parker, AZ until 3/18. Needed to kill two more days, then we can roll into Quartzsite, right into the Satellite Advantage parking lot to get our refurbished satellite dish installed. We have that yukky used one on top of our rig right now. Our dish broke and the used one was our "fix" so we'd have TV and Internet at the racetrack. Then we'll go park in our "place" in the desert for awhile.

Its crowded here at the park but we still have more room in between rigs then an RV park has. We have electric and water here.
Some gnarly trees that Bella has been climbing.
Here is Bella in the trees. Freedom from the noisy racetrack. After being at the speedway and across the street from the air base, she doesn't seem to mind the noises in the park with all the people here. And, we are set far enough away from the Colorado River so the noisy speed boats are just "noise in the distance". Last night we took her for a night walk on the leash and the coyotes were across the street from us howling. And the burros were across the river making burro noises.

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