Thursday, March 21, 2013

The little flowers that live in the desert are blooming. I've been out taking pictures of almost all of them. Still have a couple more to take. I just gotta remember to take my camera out with me. All the flowers in the pictures are small, small, small, but they are pretty. I'm gonna look up the names of the flowers in my "Wildflowers of Arizona" book. Hopefully I'll be telling you the right names.

                        California Poppy       

                        Desert Chicory

                        Desert Pincushion

                        Gordon Bladderpod, I think........strange name

                        Bella chillin' before she found the little iguana.
Now, please no one stress about Bella and her "catch". She brought home a small iguana to play with. This is a CATCH/PLAY/RELEASE cat. Rather unusual according to other people we've talked with in the RV parks that have cats traveling with them. The last person we talked with has a cat named Kelsy and he would catch the lizard and eat it right up. For whatever her reason, Bella DOES NOT eat the lizards. This little iguana WAS NOT harmed. She doesn't puncture the skin. I know because Dan checks. She is more careful then someone doing catch and release fishing. She dropped it on the ground, she gave chase, then it was over. The little iguana ran off and Bella lay down under our rig to chill.....We're not sure what she would do with a bird. She hasn't caught one yet.

Our home in the desert without any of the 6 solar panels up. They are all laying down flat on the roof. Dan will tilt them up eventually. They are all down as we just got back from Vegas and the races and Dan has been doing chores. One of the pins in our right front landing leg broke so he had to fix that first thing. And the "new" refurbished satellite dish was bumping, ever so slightly, one of the solar panels, so he had to fix that too. Now we can both work on washing the windows inside and out, polishing all the woodwork inside our rig, and cleaning out the garage again. Just like having a stick house. Always stuff to do.              

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