Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We had a good travel day to the KOA in Laughlin. We'll be here until Saturday 3/16. That means we can go to the Friday night seafood buffet at the Aquarius Casino. Dan loves all the seafood there and I love most of it. Its the greatest buffet we've been too.

Here is a view from our RV site of part of the AVI Casino from the KOA RV Park. All the RV's on the left of the page are parked in the dry camping area. This is the first time all winter that we have actually been warm. No chill in the air at all. Its been in the low 90's during the day and the 60's at night. Nice. This has been the coldest winter that we've experienced since going to Quartzsite every year.
Our traveling home.
Dan and Bella out walking. She was off her leash until they got close to the road, which is on the other side of the rocks. Then she had to be on the leash. She has been REALLY good about staying right with us and listens most of the time to us. For example, she loves to go explore under motor homes and started for the motor home in the above picture. Dan said "Bella! stop!" She stopped immediately. She didn't take one more step. Dan said "Bella, come here". And she went right back to him. Now, I think that is most excellent for a cat to obey like that. I wish she would do that all the time, but we'll settle for most of the time. :-)

When they got out to the rocks, she seen a lizard. She was a happy cat. Back to lizard hunting. She didn't see it again, but she sure knew it was there under the rock. Being in this park, along with doing laundry and waiting for mail to catch up with us, is all about Bella being able to go outside a couple of times a day and allowing Dan to chill. She can go outside without race cars and jets driving her back inside. She LOVES being outside! Walking Bella is a good way to chill as all you're thinking about is her and shes fun to watch.
Missy Bella just chillin' outside.

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