Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here is our home the way its set up right now. Usually we face west but we are facing east this time. Got the maroon mat out and our table and chairs. Home sweet home. In the lower right corner are the gas containers. Always keep them handy for when the built in gas tank in the back of our rig starts to get low on gas. We use the gas for our generator, which we don't run very much, and we can fill our quad up. The white bucket is bleach water. We use the bleach bucket often. We'll put the little dish drainer in it or the bath mat. They both get yukky so we'll just put them in, bleach them, rinse them, and they look like new again. We do it that way because we don't wanna run a bunch of cleaner down into our tanks that shouldn't be there. Just preventative maintenance and it works for us.
Bella pulled this critter out of it's nest. It might be a pack rat or wood rat. Bella picked it up by the nape of it's neck and carried it like a kitten. We were a ways from the rig, so she took off across the desert with it dangling from her mouth and it was squealing all the way. She put it down by our truck and then really couldn't figure out what to do with it. About all she did was chase it. Then it ran off towards a bush with a nice hole under it to hide in. The next day she ran to that bush to check it out and the pack rat was gone. Since then shes been going back to the same nest and looking for more.

Her next "friend" was a Desert Iguana. She played with this guy alot.

It hung out for quite awhile so I was able to get some good pictures. It didn't seem to be afraid of us.

Bella was trying to play with it.
This is the "look" after she wanted to pick it up again in her mouth. I told her "no" and she was pouting. LOL LOL LOL

Bella and the iguana came nose to nose several times. The iguana snapped at her nose a few times. Kept Bella right in her place. :-)

A blimp passed over us. Sure a far cry from the Met-Life blimp. Must be a private blimp.

Here is Bella up on her perch in the living room. Watching me and waiting for me to say, "OK Bella. Lets go outside." Shes down from her perch REAL fast!
One of the doves that hang out by our rig.
And here is Bella after a long day of hunting in the desert.

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