Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Easter has come and gone. We had a big pot of homemade chili for Easter dinner along with corn muffins and it sure was good. The weather has been just great. Its gonna be so hard to leave Quartzsite and this nice weather. It has been a cold winter for this area, or so the "locals" say. I know its been colder for the last 6 winters that we've been coming here.

When it rains, it pours. First the shock breaks. We get it fixed then discover we need back brakes. So, back up to the Arctic Cat place in Lake Havasu to buy brakes. Its all better now and working. WOOHOO! I sure have missed not being able to ride it when I want.
This is one of the old mines right in Quartzsite. A couple of days before I took this picture, I was coming back from town on the quad and seen the medical helicopter fly over me, heading for this mine. I was in the drywash. I went to see where the helicopter went and came up a little hill and it was right in front of me on the trail. Behind the helicopter was a medical vehicle and cops. On the hill side below the mine someone apparently got hurt. Looked to me like their quad tumbled down the trail right below that little building on the right. Other quads and people were still up on the trail. We've been up and down that trail lots of times. I haven't heard what actually happened. I know someone got hurt because they were loaded in the helicopter. Hope it wasn't serious.
We took a quad ride with some other people. I snapped a picture over my shoulder of the guy behind us.
The next several pictures I took when we were out riding.

The ocotillo cactus are starting to turn green and bloom. I think they are my favorite cactus. 

Nice view looking east out towards Hwy 95.

Dan is putting on the new brakes. Our neighbors Jim and Carol's dog Daisy is helping. Bella is helping too.
I thought this was such a funny picture. Bella and Daisy had been playing then Bella decided we was gonna be on "lizard watch". She sits and scans the bushes. Daisy just happened to sit at the same time. Their tails are even pointed in the same direction. lol lol lol

Here is Dan waxing and buffing our rig. He works on it a little at a time.
I have no idea what this bug is. I've tried to find it online. No luck.

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