Monday, March 11, 2013

Well, I'm here to tell ya and my legs will tell ya that its a LONG walk from the Neon Garage, inside the racetrack, back to gate 7 where Dan is working. Dan gave me a ride in the golf cart to the beginning of the grandstands. I walked the rest of the way. Before I went under the racetrack through the tunnel to the Neon Garage, I decided to take some pictures. I was carrying my big camera case with my Nikon and a bigger zoom and my coin purse, etc. Kind of bulky. Oh, and I had my hoodie in there too. Got the camera out and tried to take a picture when I discovered that the smart card was still in my laptop. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Brain fart! Do you think the track sells any smart cards in their gift shop? No. Do you think they sell a disposable camera for the big events in the track? No. GRRRRRRRRR again. So, no pictures from my Nikon during the Nationwide Race. I took a few pics with my phone. Not good enough to put on here though except for the two below. So, I continued to the Neon Garage as I was meeting Jim and Carol there.
We camp near them in Quartzsite and they wanted to try working here like Dan does. They are working clear on the other side of the track from us at the Checkered Flag Lot, so they walked an entirely different way to access the Neon Garage. They had never been there so I think that they found it quite interesting. After we hung out there for awhile we headed back up to the grandstands via of the tunnel under the racetrack. They went to sit in the stands and watch some of the race and I headed back to gate 7. That is THE longest walk and my legs hated it. I didn't hitch a ride this time.

Here are a couple more pictures of the Thunderbirds.
This one flew right over us. How cool is that?

And, race weekend is over. I didn't go back to the track. Just hung out at our rig while Dan was working. Me and Bella, hanging out. It was WAY too noisy to take her outside. People were rather orderly this year, at least where Dan was working. Someone started a dumpster fire and another person had a heart attack. I guess night shift did have a "lady of the night" get out of a taxi and she met someone in the RV lot. Bet that rig was rocking! LOL LOL LOL......Other then people being in a hurry to get into their places and then being in a hurry to leave here, it was ok. When they are all in a hurry, it really raises up the dust.......Dan worked today, the day after race weekend, and we are the only ones still parked in the RV lot. We have permission to stay one more night so we can avoid the Las Vegas traffic. Because the lots are empty, the jets from the air base fly lower and Bella isn't liking that one bit. They are flying low enough over us now that things inside rattle. So far they haven't knocked our satellite dish offline again.

Here is the RV lot after alot of the people and rigs had gone. People gather up all their garbage and stack it at their site. Today the track people are coming around and picking everything up.

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