Monday, May 20, 2013

Spent Sunday 5/19 visiting with Dan's daughter Audrey and his grands, Caleb/Nicholas/Tiffany. Traveled to Monroe, WA via a Washington State Ferry. Always interesting to ride on the ferry boat. We helped celebrate Caleb's 17th birthday then headed back to the ferry dock and played around on the beach before going home. I didn't manage to get a picture of the birthday boy, Caleb, but here are some I took of everyone else. It was a very long day but a very good day.

Leaving the Kingston, WA ferry dock.
We are riding on the ferry Puyallup.
This is the ferry coming into the Edmonds, WA dock.
Another view of the ferry. Out to the right of the ferry, out in the water is a place for divers. I guess its pretty cool under the water there.
Nicholas playing on the rocks.
Dan and Tiffany doing something on the beach. Maybe feeling how cold the water is.
Nicholas and Tiffany found bunches of kelp out on the beach.
Nicholas and Papa collecting kelp.
Tiffany and Papa also collecting kelp.
Dan's daughter Audrey messing around with Nicholas.
Nicholas playing on the killer whale carving. Love the freight train in the background passing by.

The view from our truck window going back home on the ferry. Not very often we are right up front on the boat.

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