Friday, October 25, 2013

At the drags........

And the drag race practice is LOUDER then the nascars when they are practicing. Makes the windows shake in our 5th wheel when the rails run. Poor Bella is not liking this at all. We'll take her outside after midnight when Dan is done working. Its quiet, cool outside, and she likes it just being in Dan's arms and him walking around with her.

Cool sunrise from Lower Motorhome Hill before we moved to our dry camping spot.

This where we are now. Camped in a parking lot real close to the drag strip. The drag strip is right across the street from the nascar track.
Us camped with the other work campers.
First view from our rig of the empty parking lot soon to be filled with RV's. The drag strip is in the background.
Just one jet picture. Not gonna go crazy taking lots of pictures of them this time. He just happened to fly right over us and I just happened to have my camera out.
The parking lot is starting to fill up with rigs.
Dan and I walked over to watch practice. We walked around and looked at the stock cars/funny cars/dragsters/etc.
The beginning of the drag strip. You can see the grandstands across the street at the nascar track.
The quarter mile end of the strip.
We walked to the big grandstands and I took a picture of a couple of muscle cars. They are my favorite. All the cars from mostly the 60's.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, days gone by. Sometimes we really miss not getting on the Harley and going for a ride.
The rest of the pictures are from the little grandstand where we sat to watch practice. This is looking back at the parking lot that is filling up with rigs and people.
Some pictures of the cars that I thought were pretty cool.

As I write this, Dan is over at the strip watching the dragsters before he has to work. How can I tell they are the dragsters? My windows rattle when they go down that quarter mile. hahahahahaha

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