Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I am in Bellingham, Washington until Dec 6th. My birth Dad passed away about 1 1/2 months ago and I flew to Bellingham to take care of some business. Its been all good here. Susan, my Dad's wife, seems to be doing ok so far and we've been enjoying chatting and chatting and chatting. Susan isn't much of a cook. My Dad did the cooking. So, we've been looking at healthy recipes and I've showed her how to make burritos using a whole wheat tortilla. We used wheat germ, pinto beans, tomato, avocado drizzled with lime, and cheese. The only thing missing was sour cream. It was most yummy..........I've seen my sister Peggy and her hubby Dennis and will be staying with them in a few days after I get back from Bremerton. I'm gonna ride the train from Bellingham to Seattle, then take the ferry to Bremerton. I'll be there for a couple of nights seeing my sister Christine, son Jason, and my mom. Then back up to Bellingham......I sure do miss Dan and Bella.

Here is Susan. We had gone out for a walk across from her house. BRRRR. It was cold out.
Ok. Back to Las Vegas where I fly out of. I thought Susan should be first of the pictures.
View of Las Vegas.
BRRRRRRRRRRRR snow in the hills I think still over Nevada.
Mt. Baker near Bellingham, WA

Part of Bellingham with Mt. Baker in the background
Looking up at Susan's house. The house is on a steep hill that overlooks Bellingham Bay
Across the street looking back up at her house. Its the second one from the left. The hill doesn't look steep in this picture, but believe me it is.
Walking to the park on the water
At the end of this bridge is a whole bunch of stairs to get down to the park.
This was quite the walk down and back up. Huff and puff. hahahaha
Not too sure what the bird is that is spreading it's wings, but the seagulls sure were fat and happy.

Looking up the train track into part of Bellingham.
These are the stairs going up along side of her house. UGH!

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