Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I am back from Bellingham, WA. It sure was a very long 11 days. Long time to be away from your own bed. It was FRIGID there. Just bone chilling cold. I'm just gonna write below each picture. That's the best way to tell about the trip.

Thanksgiving was spent at Chuckanut Manor in Bellingham. They had a really nice buffet. I had some dark meat turkey but my main focus was on the moist salmon. I had two helpings of that.
My 2nd cousin Gabe. Cousin Nikki. Susan, my birth dad's wife. (In the last blog post I told you that he had passed away.)
Brother-in-law Dennis. Sister Peggy.
Peggy and Dennis are Buddhists and while I was in Bellingham the Buddhist community helped Peggy with a memorial for our Dad. It was very different for me and very nice.
Me and Peggy at the Buddhist memorial.
With my niece Annalisa.
I rode the train from Bellingham to Seattle. I REALLY liked doing that. Caught the ferry to Bremerton and spend two nights there visiting my mom and sister Christine. My great-nephew was celebrating his 12th birthday while I was there. Here is Gabe with his birthday cake.
Gabe and his mom Deanna, my niece.
Me and Jason. He knows he isn't ever gonna escape getting his picture taken with me. hahahahahaha
My niece Melinda and husband Steve sitting and chatting with my Mom.
Me and Tucker. This was the stray or abandon cat that was living in my Mom's woods while we stayed in Bremerton for the summer. We wanted to try and bring Tucker with us when we headed to Arizona, but it didn't work out with him and Bella living in the same air space. He found a good home here with my Mom and sister Christine. Hes a very happy camper and quite comfy in his new home.
The view from the ferry looking out at the Port Orchard foot ferry and the waterfront in Bremerton. You can see the reflection of the ferry boat lights on the window. I was headed back to Seattle to catch the train back to Bellingham.
Right outside the King Street Station where the Amtrak is. The stadium is Century Link Field where the Seattle Seahawks play their games. On this night the fans broke the record for being the loudest crowd, the 12th man. It was deafening and I was standing a ways away. I could even hear them when I was inside the train station and after I boarded the train. And back to Bellingham I went.
I stayed with my sister Peggy when I got back. She had rotator cuff surgery on a Wednesday and I left the following Friday. Wednesday night after Dennis and I brought her back home I made them some fudge. Feel good food. Yummy! On Thursday I made them some homemade potato/sausage/cabbage creamed soup. Made enough for leftover after I left. It was REALLY cold outside. I was hoping it wasn't gonna snow. It never did when I was there but I bet the airport people had to de-ice the planes. Bellingham is a very small international airport and I about froze walking outside to board the plane. It was still cold when I landed in Las Vegas but about 25 degrees warmer then Bellingham. I caught the shuttle to Lake Havasu where Dan was waiting for me. We spent the night there and headed back to Quartzsite the following day, with a stop in Parker to get groceries at Walmart and Safeway. And, of course, we had to get lattes at Starbucks. :-)   Since being back in Quartzsite its been cold here too. I've looked like an Eskimo all bundled up when outside with Bella. Its been in the 50's during the day. Cold for here, but its sure a lot better then being in the teen's and the twenties! So life is getting back to our normal. Dan and Bella are happy that I'm back and I'm happy to be back.

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