Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Life in the desert

And, my flamingo is ready for Christmas. That's about as chrismassy (hows that for a new word?) as I'm gonna get this year. Not putting up our little tree. Might make some cookies. Candy cane cookies. Just can't "get with it" this year. Oh well. And life goes on. Just putting some misc pictures on here. Nothing special. Just everyday life pictures.

Shes all ready for Santa to come sweep her off her flamingo legs. hahaha
We were out walking a few days ago, Bella and I, and she found this praying mantis. I'm quite sure that it was praying for Bella to leave it alone. She didn't hurt it. Just had to touch it with her paw and watch it. The mantis lay on it's back when Bella touched it. I read about that and it was in "defensive mode". I couldn't get a picture of it in "defensive mode". Interesting. I read about it on this website.

Just showing how we get our water. Our water bladder holds 60 gallons. We can go get water for free on the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) or pay 5 cents a gallon in town. We mostly pay the 5 cents a gallon because we can buy propane at the same place.

Dan pumps the water from the bladder right into our 5th wheel. Depending on how much we use, we go haul water maybe every 4 days. We have two tanks, 60 gallons each.
Out walking Bella. She likes eating the seeds on this bush. We're quite a ways out away from our rig, but she knows exactly where this bush is and we visit it quite often so she can have a snack. She can't reach the seeds anymore as she ate all the lows ones. So Dan or I will pick the ones up high and hand feed them to her. hahahahahaha....Shes too funny.
"Sitting my seed bush."

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