Friday, January 24, 2014

Big tent

Not very much happening with us. Just normal stuff. Quartzsite is booming though. With the "Big Tent" set up with all the vendors, its been CROWDED! Traffic is awful so we drove the quad one day to go check out what was happening in the Big Tent. Way too many people for me. Being short its hard to see most of the stuff and people brings their dogs into the tent. GRRRRR. It is what it is I suppose. Being short and running into leashes. Just a place you can go read about it or do your own search on what happens in Quartzsite. We didn't find what we wanted there, so ate something and came back home. We went to see if a good water filter vendor was there. No such luck. The person that Dan really liked and had good stuff seems to gone out of business. We'll have to get our good filters online now. I don't like water but Dan drinks it all the time and wants good filters and such. We did see a nice sleeper sofa but it dull beige and bland. Maybe I'll just buy a new throw blankie for our sofa. Works for me. That would be a good thing to look for. A nice sofa blanket. Should be several vendors around Quartzsite that sell them. Anyway, no more news from this camp.

People parking in the dry wash, Tyson Wash. Eventually people will get stuck and the tow truck operators will be busy. I sit on the quad and just shake my head wondering how stupid people can be to deliberately drive right into VERY soft and deep dirt and gravel. I've seen big motorhomes get stuck. Duh!
I'm sitting on the quad just watching all the cars and trucks, bumper to bumper.
Looking north up the dry wash. Just packed with vehicles. In the distance you can see the first overpass which is the main street of Quartzsite.
Just a couple of pictures looking out across to the ranger station and across Hwy 95 to the hills and Q Mountain on the right. You can see the white Q towards the top of the hill.

The next pictures are all about Bella. She is a very smart cat and knows lots of commands. She knows how to "stop, drop, and roll" just like firemen do. Majority of the time we say "firedrill" and she will "stop, drop, and roll". I say majority of the time as she tends to ignore us when she is in pursuit of a lizard or stalking one or she just doesn't wanna listen. She listens better then a high percentage of dogs but she does have her moments. In these pictures she was firedrilling. Our pretty and shiny grey cat instantly turned into a nice tan color. I don't think anyone believed us that she will do this until a couple of years ago right after we got her. A friend was walking with us one day and she just said "firedrill" just because. And, sure enough, Bella "stopped, dropped, and rolled". Our friend was just blown away. Ok. Enough of Bella. She just is my favorite subject sometimes. Just like Bonehead was, our cat before Bella, who I named my blog after.

Yup. Grey to tan in a matter of seconds. LOL LOL LOL

I'm stuck in traffic at the intersection of vendor row. This intersection normally doesn't have hardly anyone going through it. Mostly if you're heading south to Yuma and I'm looking south. I could sit right in this spot and be witness to lots of fender benders. All these retired people that come to see the vendors are ALWAYS in a hurry!
See ya later. Today is chore day. Go get water and propane. :-)

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