Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Q Mt.

The weather has been nice during the day. Almost to the point of not having a "chill in the air" except for when the wind is coming from the north. I'm quite sure that 80 miles south in Yuma, there isn't any chill in the air at all. Oh well, we are here Q and not in Yuma. Just been doing normal stuff here. Dan has been watching the Seahawks play football, something he normally doesn't do too much of, but they are winning and might possibly go to the Super Bowl. Guess we'll see. Pretty soon we'll be on the downhill slide for getting our rig "road ready" again. Dan will be working at the NASCAR race in Vegas the first week of March. Always fun for me to be at the races. Not so fun for Bella. WAY too noisy and she has to be on the leash when shes outside. Good thing she doesn't mind being on the leash.

When we go out walking and lizard hunting with Bella everyday I also look for crystals. They are just laying on the ground and the clear ones are very small. I just walk towards the sun and look on the ground for something shining and if I'm lucky I've found a small clear crystal. The bigger ones are crystal "wanna be's". They won't ever be a clear crystal in my lifetime but I pick them up anyway to enjoy and give away. They are pretty too. If the "wanna be" in the picture below would have been totally clear, that would have been so cool. You can't see it in the picture but it had some clear spots and a nice smooth feel to it. I've picked up some very small, clear crystals and if you were a good jewelry maker you could make some small earrings. Or I guess you could take all the little clear crystals and encase them in something "see through" and make a necklace. Don't know. I'm not a jeweler.
Here is Bella waiting for her late morning walk. After one of us puts her harness on, she knows what that means and will try and open the door or sit and wait for it to magically open. She is too funny and way too SMART! I LOVE taking her out and watching her go about "doing her cat thing" in the desert.
Bella is standing on top of a pack rat's home. I could hear some rustling inside. She wanted in there real bad but we won't let her crawl into its "house". The one and only time she caught a pack rat she was right outside the entrance to its home and she just snatched it right up and carried it all the way back to our rig. That poor little guy was squealing and squealing and squealing as it was probably just freaked out. I couldn't stop Bella from grabbing it and wasn't really fearing for it's life as she DOES NOT kill anything she catches to play with. (Well, she does eat the grasshoppers.) She carried it home like a mama cat carries her kitten. She got it back to our rig and let it go and chased it around for a bit. That was a couple of winter seasons ago. I have pictures of this little furry pack rat hiding on one side of the truck wheel and Bella on the other side. Eventually it ran off and she just watched it go.
One of Bella's climbing trees. This one is full of stickers but she seems to be able to avoid them.
Just another cool tree with a pack rat nest under it.
One of the "dry washes" that we take Bella out walking in almost everyday. We're about 1/2 a mile away from our rig. Not far for us but Bella sure walks her little grey legs off. She so loves it out here with no dogs around to bother her. No chasing her and no barking at her.
Missy Bella looking at me when I called her name. Miss #1 tree climber and #1 "catch and release" lizard catcher. hahahahahaha
Walking back to our home. The truck is in back of our rig as Dan had been putting water in the tanks, transferring the water from the water bladder in the back of the truck. The front of our rig is pointing south/southeast. Good way to park as we always get the cold north wind at the back of our rig where the garage is and not up in front where our living room is. This picture was taken just as the sun went behind the hills so it was getting to be dusk.
Went for a short quad ride with the neighbor women on this day. I neglected to take my camera and took pics with my phone. Not very good for long distance pictures. Oh well. They wanted to hike up Q Mountain here in Quartzsite. Not me. I drove the quad almost halfway up the hill and sat there while they all hiked.
The view from where I was sitting on the quad. At the top of the hill is a very ragged American flag. It looks so sad and I hope someone will "retire" it soon and put another flag up.
The four hikers. Only one had a walking stick. My opinion is that they all should have had a hiking/walking stick. I sure would have. Oh well. Each to their own I suppose. Maybe someday I'll do the hike up the hill. Maybe. A BIG maybe. lol lol lol
Think I'll go drive to town on the quad, get milk, go to the post office, and maybe stop by the library after Bella's late morning walk. Bye for now.
The end. hahahahahahaha


Kevin J said...

Do you ever have to disinfect the water bladder and do you have to hang it up to "dry out" after use.

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...
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Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

Hi Kevin........No, we've never disinfected the water bladder. We haven't had any problem with the water going bad. Dan doesn't leave the water in the bladder very long. It goes right into our tanks. And we don't hang it out to dry after use. It stays in the back of our truck for the whole time we are dry camping and hauling water.