Friday, January 31, 2014

Today, Feb 30th, was windy and VERY dusty. I drove the truck into town for milk and got caught in a dust storm. Well, I call it a dust storm cause it was blowing everywhere. Glad I didn't ride the quad to town this time. By time I got back to our rig, the dust had kind of blown through and it was just regular dust with the wind. Took Bella out walking in the wind. She didn't like that much. It was warm out and that was good. The wind was coming from the southwest instead of the north. Nice.

Ya think Spring is trying to sneak in here in the Sonoran Desert? Fat chance for the rest of the nation, but its trying here. There flowers are VERY small. Tiny, tiny, tiny.

Looks like the mommy lizards have been busy too. This guy is so little that Bella didn't even bother with it. Its only about 1 1/2" from nose to the end of its tail. She just looked at it and had to touch it with her paw, then we continued on with our walk.
The next day she gave this lizard a ride back to a hole. She knew it was on her back. Dan had set it there just to see what she would do. She did nothing except give it a ride. It was too funny.

                                Cool clouds in the sky
Look what we found when out walking. Not too sure what it used to be. Maybe a fox? Kind of creepy looking. Bella sniffed it and moved on.

Dan is cleaning our weenie roasting sticks.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

I know that time flies but the month of February is just beginning for us. Looks like you need an Edit.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.