Monday, January 06, 2014


While most of the rest of the country seems to be freezing their butts off, it hasn't been too bad here. Its cold at night as we leave the portable propane heater going, but during the day its been in the high 60's/low 70's. Not too shabby. We would love for it to be in about the mid 80's but, oh well.........Not much happening. Just hanging out and being retired. Seen this Walking-Stick bug while out with Bella. We've seen them before in other places but not this big. I almost stepped on it as it blended right in with the desert sticks and twigs. It was missing one leg. I put an interesting link below so you can go read about this bug.

See. It looks just like a twig. I only noticed it because the legs were moving and it wasn't windy out.

Of course Dan being the typical "boy" had to pick it up.

And, of course, a picture of Bella climbing around in a rather dying Palo Verde tree. She loves to climb then take a flying leap into mine or Dan's arms to sometimes get back down. Miss adventurous.
Nice sunset  with one chemtrail. lol lol lol
Bella and her man. Shes the boss ya know.

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