Thursday, February 20, 2014

Its been cooling off a little bit. That's ok. At least we don't have to think about snow. We'll make the best of this nice weather before we leave for Vegas on 2/27. I've been taking some more pictures when out walking with Bella. I think that we seen a fox running away from us and Bella has given chase to the huge jack rabbits here in the last week. She gives a good chase when they are running straight, but then they zig zag and she can't keep up with them. So she stops, sits, and watches them run off. She has fun chasing them. They are SO much bigger then she is. It all happens so fast that I can't get a picture.

A couple more pictures of some very tiny flowers

Bella chillin' on her Papa's seat while out walking. The tree to the left has a pack rat nest under it. Bella stalks this poor pack rat. Of course it doesn't come out but sometimes we can hear it in the nest moving around sometimes.
Cool picture of Bella against the cloudy sky almost at sunset.
An old tree that looks like its been on the ground for a very long time.
This old gnarly tree looks like it came from the bad part of the enchanted forest. hahahahahaha........Its all twisted up.

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