Monday, February 17, 2014

Rock pyre

Our days have been pretty nice lately. Enough to make ya sweat. WOOHOO for sweating! Better then being cold. T-shirt weather. Don't think its gonna last that long though. And then we're heading to the speedway in Vegas the end of Feb, so it probably won't be as warm there. Oh well. I'll be back to wearing light thermals under my clothes........We went for a long quad ride on the warmest of the days. It was about 90. My face actually got a little bit of sunburn and my arms tanned up. We took a long ride to a place called Preachers Pass. Along the way we stopped to where my son Michael had built a rock cairn a couple of seasons ago when he came to visit.

Michael's rock cairn stands about 4' tall and is up an a small hill
I made a sign saying hi to him and put a picture of "Anonymous" below that. This is something he believes in. You'll have to look it up if you're interested to know about it. Anyway, this picture was for him.
You can see his rock cairn back in the middle of the picture. The nasty cholla is as tall as his cairn.
Here is Dan looking at the view from Preachers Pass
The view from Preachers Pass looking back to where Michael's rock cairn is
Pretty little flowers are gracing the desert floor. They are VERY tiny

Another great sunset
Bella chillin' just as the sun is setting. She knows that when the sun goes away, she has to come inside. She tries to delay it though. lol lol........
I think today will be my "getting our garage in order" so when its time to load the quad, it will be all ready. Dan is gonna have to haul water just so he can pressure wash the quad and maybe wash the truck unless we're lucky enough to find some kids in Quartzsite having a car wash. There are kids in Quartzsite you say? LOL LOL LOL.........Yup. You just don't really notice them around town that much during Snowbird Season. At least I don't anyway.

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